The Warrior


The rhino is truly a unique animal, a great survivor, brought to us by the mists of time …

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Stefano Zagaglia
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My tribute to this special animal. While I was painting I studied every deep crack of his hard skin, every little hexagon so perfect that composed his skin. And I thought that the rhino is truly a unique animal, a great survivor, brought to us by the mists of time …

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Stefano Zagaglia

I have always been dedicated to the art activity. Learning the basic techniques of drawing independently and attending an art school, continuing my education graduating in architecture. Parallel development of my creative talent working for many years in advertising “touching” the world of design and interior and landscape architecture.

Painting is a process done completely by myself, with moments of intensity and latency occurred more times over the years. The techniques that I use and I’m still trying to comprehend are classic: watercolour, pastel, acrylic and especially oil.

The same classic choice is the will to bring forward a figurative painting speech, almost hyperreal that is also the research of the art performance aimed at expressing an emotion, condition from which I cannot and I do not want disregard.

According to me painting and first of all beautiful painting is virtuosity, study and research. This does not exclude the personal development, the subjective vision, that makes different any work of art compared to photography. Then the academic and working influence are not the last to lead to the final result even through their filter.

The deepest reason that moves the hand, the head and the heart of an artist is the will to convey an emotion, a fact that happens when the real essence of the “opera” reaches those who are able to benefit and enjoy.

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