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Stefano Zagaglia is an Italian artist based in Milan. He is enchanted by Africa and using classic watercolour and oil paint to capture its beauty.

“My boundless love for nature comes from my childhood”, says Stefano. “For me Wildlife Art was a discovery; until about ten years ago I did not even know what it was. I discovered it in Africa, and it immediately fascinated me”.

This wonderful continent has become his inspiration point. “My first impression when I approached this kind of art was characterised by awe and wonder and it has become a way of life”.

Latest Wildlife Art News

#NatureForAll – Exhibiting and awarding children’s artwork

On the 20th anniversary of the Peace Pals Artworks Exhibition, CEC celebrated that #NatureForAll was chosen for the theme of the artworks and that 4000 entries arrived in this topic from 62 countries. Peace Pals International, IUCN Commission on Education and...

National Museums of Kenya hosts ‘Room for Giants’, a unique wildlife art exhibition

A wildlife art exhibition dubbed ‘ROOM FOR GIANTS: Art for Change’ is currently hosted at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi. ROOM FOR GIANTS is a creative and artistic initiative aims to facilitate and enhance wildlife conservation and awareness, while nurturing young budding artists. The project is an initiative of Wild Life Africa, a young NGO and youth conservation movement.

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