A warm, gentle breeze blows across the lion’s face and through his manes. One of the females is right behind him. Something drew their attention.

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Daniel Taylor
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“A warm, gentle breeze blows across the lion’s face and through his manes. One of the females is right behind him. Something drew their attention. Lionesses do most of the hunting, but it is the essential job of the male lion to protect the pride’s territory and to ensure safe hunting grounds.

The lion, as we all know, is an incredibly ferocious and powerful beast – the king of Africa. Yet he at times reminds us of our own loving domestic cats. What an empty world it would be to lose such a symbol of justice.

With this painting, shimmering with the heat of the savanna, I wanted to bring the once mighty rulers of Africa to life. Aware of their strength and yet willing to show their gentler side. Their world almost unbearably hidden from us, the viewers. They use their magnificent roar to make their presence and territory known. Will we hear them in time?” ~ Daniel Taylor

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Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor is one of the very few artists in the world who masters High Realist painting in acrylic. He is internationally renowned for his expressive portraits and wildlife art. His paintings are built up in a series of subtle layers, making them breathtakingly realistic and giving the impression of the paintings coming alive. As one of the founders of ‘ArtSavingWildlife’ (2004) Daniel Taylor is working closely together with the ‘African Conservation Foundation’. He provides ongoing support through local, national and international art and fundraising events.

Living and having raised his family in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, Daniel has been perfecting his technique for well over 40 years. This wilderness setting with its abundant wildlife has been a source of great inspiration. His works express not only what he sees, but how well he observes. Meant to push both the artist and then the viewer towards a perception of life at a deeper level. Daniel’s paintings translate the profound honour and respect he feels when painting his subjects.

For the past 20 years, Daniel Taylor has exhibited his work all over the world, from museums and galleries to great ape programs raising awareness in the Lebialem Highlands of South West Cameroon.

A permanent exhibition of his art is on display in the ‘John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’, Washington DC. Daniel’s paintings may also be found in both private and public collections internationally.

Over the years, Daniel’s work has been featured within many wildlife and art magazines. He has been selected for one of the ‘Artists for Conservation’s’ Flagship Expeditions. His painting of the ‘Mountain Gorilla’ has won an Honorable Mention in the wildlife category of one of the leading US magazines, ‘The Artist’s Magazine’ He was also a featured Artist in ‘Wildlife Art Magazine’, the ‘International Artist Magazine’,’Western & Wildlife Art Magazine’ and so many more. Recently Daniel’s art was featured in ‘Leisure Painter’, ‘Art Of England’, ‘Artists and Illustrators’ as well as in ‘The Artist’ and ‘Arabella’ magazines.

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