A wildlife art exhibition dubbed ‘ROOM FOR GIANTS: Art for Change’ is currently hosted at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi.

ROOM FOR GIANTS is a creative and artistic initiative aims to facilitate and enhance wildlife conservation and awareness, while nurturing young budding artists. The project is an initiative of Wild Life Africa, a young NGO and youth conservation movement.

The main objective of the project is to promote and embrace initiatives that preserve the rich African wildlife heritage through raising funds towards impactful conservation programs in the Nairobi National Park wildlife dispersal areas as well as creating awareness on issues affecting wildlife conservation through the arts.

Bobby Reriani, director of Wild Life Africa said: “We are humbled by the commitment demonstrated by the National Museum of Kenya, who unconditionally accepted to work with us to deliver on the goals of this initiative by offering us this unique exhibition space.”

Mrs Kuki Gallmann, the renowned conservationist and author has been the special guest for the exhibition Gala at the Nairobi National Museum in December 2014.

Proceeds from the sales in the ROOM FOR GIANTS exhibition will go towards wildlife conservation. The giants in this case refers to both our magnificent variety of wildlife as well as our talented youth who are the country’s future master artists.

Wild Life Africa, in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service, is establishing measures to prevent negative interaction between these communities and the wildlife in the Athi Kapiti ecosystem, a gem very close Kenya’s capital city. Human-wildlife conflict is only second to poaching in terms of threats to wildlife conservation and if nothing is done it might become the main cause for wildlife population decline in the near future.

“The National Museum of Kenya’s aim is to promote our culture and our natural heritage.”, says  National Museums of Kenya Curator Lydia Gatavu. “The ROOM FOR GIANTS exhibition concept focuses on nature and it thus promotes the mission of the museum. Wildlife is an important part of our heritage.”

Ten professional guest artists have been invited to participate in ROOM FOR GIANTS and support the young artists as role models. They are Camille Wekesa, Patrick Kinuthia, Kioko Mwitiki, Gilbert Ouma, Adrian Nduma, Kateete Leonard, Boniface Maina, Dinesh Revankar, Andrew Kamiti and Carol Mbirua.

Lydia Gatavu stated that a competition for young artist is part of the exhibition: “Apart from the Big Five, I am especially pleased to see art works of the smaller and less well known animals. They are part of our heritage too.”

ROOM FOR GIANTS was launched at the National Museums of Kenya on 9 July 2014 by the British High Commissioner to Kenya Dr Christian Turner. Selection of the artworks was done through the National Museums of Kenya Heritage Art Competition for young adults 18-25 years old, which aims to support and promote young talent by giving them opportunities for growth and visibility on a national platform.

The biennial competition was launched in 2012 by Dr. Hassan Wario then a Director at the Museum. The 2012 theme was ‘Experiencing Kenyan Heritage through Art’. The theme for 2014 was ‘Wildlife conservation’.

The ‘ROOM FOR GIANTS: Art for Change’ exhibition is running from 4 December 2014 through January 2015.

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