Artist grows Van Gogh painting in a field

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American artist Stan Herd has copied a painting Vincent Van Gogh by mimicking the lines and colours with plants in a field. The replica is about half a football field in size and took six months to plant.

Why would you re-draw a painting if you can also post-plant it? That’s what Stan Herd has been thinking about since 1995, for such “earthenware”. When he was asked by the Minneapolis Institute of Art whether he wanted to imitate Vincent Van Gogh’s “Olive trees” in a half-hectare field, Herd did not have to hesitate for long.

The result is fantastic to see. The field seems to come to life through the flowing lines of Van Gogh. For the artwork, Herd used materials that are very close to the colours of the painting. His version of “Olive trees” is right next to Minneapolis airport, which means that many passengers can marvel at it.

Stan Herd, Of Us and Art: The 100 Videos Project, Episode 30 from Minneapolis Institute of Art on Vimeo.


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